Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brothers. Look at Trevor. He is just loving being a big brother. He keeps running behind us begging to Please hold or Please Look. He even calls him Gray! However when I was nursing today, he tried to tear Graysons head off of me so he could hold him. He has not quite learned patience yet!

The Boys napping with Gma and Gpa Spragg. They have been such a big help with Trevor and me. Having had a csection, I have needed all the help I could get. Thanks for everything!
A big thanks to all of our family. Mom, Boo, Jen and Megan. We reallly would not have been able to do this with out you!!!

GIGI is doubling up!!!


Kristin and Scot said...

Congratulations!!! Grayson is gorgeous! You have a beautiful family! Can't wait to watch him grow with Trevor.

The Montoyas said...

I was thinking it should be about time for the new arrival! Congrats on you newest addition! He is a cutie! Love those lips! And you look great!