Saturday, December 27, 2008

Where Did Christmas Go?

Wow, Trevors first interactive Christmas! We had such a great time, and feel so blessed with our family and friends, but where did the time go? We were so fortunate to spend the holidays with our families, and to watch Trevor interact and entertain all of them! He has brought so much joy, not only to our lives but everyone around him.

He did get a bit spoiled with a slide for the backyard, and a firetruck ball pit, but I think his favorite might be his broom and vacuum! Yeah for me!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed holiday!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Its beggining to feel like Christmas...

Its beggining to feel alot like Christmas....... we put up some outdoor lights for the first time this year! The tree was fun as always with some help from my sisters and mom. Trevor thinks that ornament, as perfectly round as they are, are perfect for launching!!! The new rule was glass ornaments on top, trevors launching toys on the bottom!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Trev 1st Birthday Party

Trevor had a great day at the local park in Tucson where we grew up. Grandpa John got a jumping castle for all the kids to enjoy. Trev just was not so sure about it. Great Grandma Gilmore organized a baloon launch from OHIO! The kids thought it was great. Trev REALLY enjoyed his cake. We had to switch to some crackers so he would not get a tummy ache.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Just a few more!

I had to add afew more of my favorite. They made it so hard for me to choose with such great pictures!

Trevor steals our hearts over and over again. Everyday we fall in love more and more with this little amazing man. From his silly loves to his serious curosity when he is learning something new it is amazing to watch him change every day.

My girlfriend Aubry, and her partner Megan took Trevor's 1 year pictures. She did an amazing job capturing his personality and our love for him. Her photo company is Modphoto, check out her website

Here are some of the pics. We could not even begin to chose. I asked her to pic her favorites for me to put on our blog so we could show off how cute the lil guys is! You can see the rest on her website along with some of the other work she has done!

Friday, September 26, 2008

1 Already?? YIKES!

My Baby boy is going to be one. Where does the time go? Every milestone and accomplishment is such a joy, yet kind of sad. He is that much farther away from being that little tiny baby boy. Every day he flexes his independence, wanting to not hold my hand when he walks, feeding himself, and no more baby food:( So sad and yet so exhilirating.

Friday, August 22, 2008


We had to buy Trevor some big boy shoes since he is walking ALL over the place. Wow, what a hard experience for me, he is just growing into such a big boy so fast:( You are excited for every milestone, and kind of sad at the same time. Any how, here are his special new shoes, (we had to buy extra wide because his little feet are so chubby still!!!


Trevor is getting so fast. We almost always have the doggy door in so he cant get out. If it is left out for even a minute he is so fast and quiet he is out the door!! He loves playing with his puppies and giggles so much when he has their ball and they are chasing them. We are so lucky because they are a great brother and sister!

Trev loves hanging with Gigi and papa because they do all kinds of wil things like let him play on the counter and explore!! Trevor had a visit from Rose recently and he had so much fun! He also loves his auntie boo who hooked him up with a wild hair style!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend at Gigi and Papa

Trevor was excited to go to Gigi and papas for the night. He was climbing in and out of his suitcase and had just as much fun getting ready as his sleepover. He loves Chloe, gigi's dog to!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

More fun in the sun.

The sisters, me, Jen and Bri

Trev and Auntie Boo

We took a morning trip to the lake this weekend and Trevor is loving it more and more. He reached for me to pull him into the water and swam around with us forever! He is definitely getting his sea legs!


Steven and I just celebrated our 15 years together. We have been through so much together; proms, graduations, moves, jobs, marriage. However, nothing can top having Trevor and sharing in his everyday discoveries. Every new milestone he meets is a joy for us. His smiles just light up our lives and his talking brings music to our heart! I absoulutely just love my boys! We are so blessed and thank the lord every day for all he has given us.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Loving the Do! Daddy calls my hair SHARK ATTACK!

Cheese! Check out these chompers!!!

Visiting with Gpa

When down in Tucson, Trevor visit his Grandpa and had some fun exploring!

Hanging with peeps!

We were in Tucson for Chases birthday party and Trevor just loves seeing his buddies! Here he is with some of them from this summer!

So Trevor is on the way to cruising and getting into everything! We wanted to get his 9 month pictures taken, but he has had so many bruises in his forhead, we havent had a chance! He focuses and makes this scrunched up nose and face when he is tring really hard.