Saturday, October 18, 2008

Trev 1st Birthday Party

Trevor had a great day at the local park in Tucson where we grew up. Grandpa John got a jumping castle for all the kids to enjoy. Trev just was not so sure about it. Great Grandma Gilmore organized a baloon launch from OHIO! The kids thought it was great. Trev REALLY enjoyed his cake. We had to switch to some crackers so he would not get a tummy ache.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Just a few more!

I had to add afew more of my favorite. They made it so hard for me to choose with such great pictures!

Trevor steals our hearts over and over again. Everyday we fall in love more and more with this little amazing man. From his silly loves to his serious curosity when he is learning something new it is amazing to watch him change every day.

My girlfriend Aubry, and her partner Megan took Trevor's 1 year pictures. She did an amazing job capturing his personality and our love for him. Her photo company is Modphoto, check out her website

Here are some of the pics. We could not even begin to chose. I asked her to pic her favorites for me to put on our blog so we could show off how cute the lil guys is! You can see the rest on her website along with some of the other work she has done!